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Here is the map of the currently active photo/video requests near your location
which you can easily serve and get corresponding rewards via PayPal (USD,EUR) or Crypto (BTC,LTC,ETH)!

The Idea

Everyone might want to see some remote object at a certain moment of time having no possibility to be there.
Typical use cases might be for example:

Travel Destinations

You would be curious to see how a hotel / area really looks NOW when considering possible travel destinations...

Search a house

You may need to see various real estate properties over e.g. a large city suburb area without visiting all of them...

Being on a leave

You would like to check that your own house/street/car are ok while being on a long leave...

Rare events

There many places / events which are difficult to visit / attend (mountains, sport finals, etc)


The way to legally use lots of remote mobile cameras is to build a crowd-sourcing network.
The functionality is inverse to Google/YouTube, Instagram, Periscope and others in the sense that instead of browsing among the given existing photos or videos (mostly of past moments) you order particular photo or video to be made just for you at place, time and conditions which you define !

Place an order

User creates a Task to capture a photo/video and defines major parameters of the media there: place, time, light conditions, view angle, etc

Motivate people

Other users ('Workers') need to be motivated to capture a media on your request. To be served, one either has to simply pay for it or has to serve others and thus, earn some 'virtual credits' to pay in turn later.


Task owner reviews a delivered media and accepts or rejects it. Worker receives 'payment' only if Task owner is satisfied with the media delivered.

Privacy and sharing

Media may be requested / delivered either as private or public. New Tasks / media delivery may be shared in social networks and messengers.


  • Two types of users: media requester (watcher) and producer (worker).
  • Earn virtual tokens / USD / BTC / LTC / ETH by taking photos/videos
  • Get media on your request
  • You may always view details of your tasks and tasks of others
  • Requster should review and either accept or reject the delivered media.
  • Auth via Google+, Twitter, Facebook
  • Track history of your tasks, your tokens / USD / BTC spent and earned
  • Sharing your tasks via social nets will help to grow the community!
  • The message text for sharing will be generated automatically

Future Prospects

The current App version is rather an initial MVP. Many various improvements are being considered for the future versions.


Some form of withdrawal, to allow people to cash-out their earned 'virtual points'. This will significantly increase people's motivation to serve (each) others' requests.


Possible integration with bitcoin and/or other crypto currencies. Respecting the corresponding legal regulations, such functionality is an obvious trend !


Further integration with social networks, to allow direct media posting, comments, likes, etc

Live Video

Live stream video on demand (functionality inverse to the Periscope App)


Possible messaging functionality between a Task Owner and a Worker. This would notably improve the satisfaction of users requesting media.


Many more !

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