Last updated: October 20, 2019

Collected Information

CamerLender needs to identify users to track their Tasks, actions, etc. We authenticate users against Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+, so we store your user account data of those social networks (user ID, your name and email). We do not have access to / neither store your passwords (password verification goes via the OAuth2 mechanism on the side of the corresponding social networks). We do not fetch further details rather than your identification: we do not read list of your friends, your posts, etc. We track your GPS position to check if you are within the requested proximity to a Task location when you may try to take that Task to capture media. We also check your mobile hardware ID in order to prohibit 'auto-service' (when a user serves a Task which he/she created himself/herself on the same mobile under different type of account, e.g. Facebook and/or Twitter, etc). CamerLender passes photos and/or videos from one user (a Worker) to another user who requested that media (Task owner). For this, media files are uploaded and stored on the back-end servers. The 'virtual points' used in the Service to motivate Workers to capture media for Task owners on their request are linked to user ID records. In case when user purchases 'virtual points' as in-app product via Google Play Billing mechanism, all the financial and private information is processed by Google only and not anyhow seen neither stored at CamerLender android App or back-end servers. We also track user activities, and for this, we log each single user action in log-files of our back-end servers with the following basic information IP addresses, user ID, action name, time stamp, etc. The web server is not functionally connected to the main App / Service, we do not anyhow track users via the web server, not use cookies, etc.

Information Use

The collected information is used mainly for the core App / Service functionalities: to identify users, to track user Tasks and their actions on Tasks, to track Task states, to pass a media from a Worker to a Task owner, to account for purchased / spent / earned 'virtual points', etc. Besides the core functionalities, the collected information is also used to monitor operations and performance of the App and Service. The monitoring and business analytics information derived from the primary (log) records is completely anonymous. Currently we do not use per-user information to anyhow classify users, to personalize user experiences, to customize Services per user groups, etc. But we will consider such possibilities to improve our Services in the future release versions. It will be stated explicitly if/when we will do such per-user customizations in the future.

Information Protection

We use HTTPS/SSL protocol and other custom hashing mechanisms to secure communications between the android App client and the Service back-end servers. All the back-end servers are protected with the latest IT industry security mechanisms (firewall filters, security modules, professional design patterns, etc).

Third-Party Disclosure

Currently CamerLender does not share / sell / anyhow pass any of the collected information to any other Company. We will include explicit statement in this Policy if/when this may change in the future. The Google Billing Service has physical access to your personal and credit card information during a purchase transaction. hosting our back-end servers has a potential possibility to access any information on the servers, but naturally this is regulated by the corresponding Private Policy of the Company.

Legal Regulations

To ensure the Information Protection laws, we guarantee to delete your user account and all and any identifiable data records (linked to your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ user IDs) from our Databases once you send an explicit request to do so to our email

Policy Changes

CamerLender keeps right to update this Policy anytime in the future. The corresponding updates will be properly announced and published on our web site.